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Baby Einstein: The Movie is a 2024 upcoming 3D CGI/hand-drawn animated adventure fantasy children's film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios The Baby Einstein Company and DisneyToon Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, with animation provided by Toon City Animation, Prana Animation Studios, and Arc Productions. The film is set to release on November 3, 2024. The featuring of voices of Maurice LaMarche, Debi Derryberry, Tom Kenny, Iain Armitage, Nancy Cartwright, Michelle Davis, Cassie Blu, Billy Crystal and Grey DeLisle. Also of the featuring of herself and narrated by Julie Aigner-Clark.


It's up to the Plavlet the Dog (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) and some kids to set things right so a little girl's mother can give birth to her (A gang of bullies, who are elementary aged children, including three 7 year old girls named Nora, Katie, and Kristi, two 6 year old girls named Faith and Maggie, a 5 year old boy named Owen, an 8 year old girl named Ellie, and a 9 year old boy named Jeff, and are led by a 7 year old girl named Maren Hoffmann and an 8 year old boy named Jake Cuttsfielder, went back in time and prevented the girl's parents, who are 39 and 42 years old and named Victor Pluto and Karen Lang, from meeting while Plavlet and the kids, who are a 7 year old Caucasian boy named Mark Scholz who is madly in love with the girl, who can talk, an 8 year old Caucasian girl named Samantha Allison who finds the girl cute, who can talk, a 7 year old Caucasian boy named Connor Jones who finds the girl endearing, who can talk, an 8 year old Caucasian girl named Celinda Thompson who finds the girl adorable, who can talk, a 9 year old Caucasian girl named Jamie Wilson who really likes the girl, who can talk, a 5 year old African-American boy named Gabriel Mazon, who can talk, a 6 year old Caucasian girl named Aspen Clark and her 5 year old sister Sierra, who can talk, a 7 year old Caucasian boy named Brad Boller, who can talk, a 1 year old Caucasian girl named Mia Mettais, who cannot talk, a 6 year old Caucasian girl named Maddison Long, who can talk. and her 18 month old brother Macrae, who cannot talk, an 8 year old Caucasian boy named Brandon Calbart, who can talk, a 5 year old Caucasian girl named Gabrielle Margas and her 4 year old brother John, who can talk, a 6 year old African-American girl named Dakota Snyder and her twin sister Dylan, who can talk, a 5 year old Caucasian girl named Chloe Tyler, who can talk, and her 4 month old brother Toby, who cannot talk, a 7 year old African-American girl named Akiala Nanyamka, who can talk, a 2 year old African-American girl named Shelby Gary, who cannot talk, a 6 month old Hispanic-American girl named Megan de Guzman. who cannot talk, a 3 month old African-American boy named Elijah Ellis. who cannot talk, a 6 year old Indian-American girl named Sarika Mehta, who can talk, a 4 month old African-American girl named Jaelyn Montgomery, who cannot talk, a 6 year old Caucasian girl named Elizabeth Jones, who can talk, a 5 year old Caucasian girl named Hannah Goelz, who can talk, a 6 year old Caucasian boy named Tyler Chat, who can talk, a 7 year old Caucasian boy named Austin Ball, who can talk, a 6 year old Caucasian girl named Briana Prodva, who can talk, a 7 year old Caucasian boy named Harry Futterman, who can talk, a 5 year old Caucasian girl named Kelsey Lally, who can talk, a 6 year old Caucasian girl named Natasha Coupe, who can talk, and an 8 year old Caucasian boy named Trevor Weisbach, who can talk, were on a rescue mission after the bullies bribed a 28 year old man named Bill Schmidt to kidnap the girl, who is 3 years old and Asian-American and named Madeline Pluto and cannot talk).


The story begins, Caterpillar (voiced by Tom Kenny) own's this school. Is a young puppy name's Plavlet (voiced by E.G. Daily), he want to plays in the earth slide.

So now Plavlet the Dog (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) was growing up. But Sidney the Squirrel (voiced by Nancy Cartwright) was meeting of Plavlet's best buddies. The meeting of the Julie Aigner-Clark.

While Plavlet is doing a delivering the papers to all of this friends. Plavlet tries to send the letter in the mailbox and Sidney tries to sleep.

Plavlet was ties to putting a sandwiches from the picnic. Plavlet's picnic got from Apple, Banana and Pie has been ated by Sidney. When ant marching onto the tree.

Plavlet and Sidney was telling for the babies, for now on Sidney stand on this earth when Plavlet says "Sidney, get down!", before Da Vinci the Monkey (voiced by Iain Armitage) was coming to the house with kids. Plavlet destroys the earth and Sidney falling down, he's trying to fixing the earth. When Da Vinci holding a wagon he's getting dizzy by Plavlet and Sidney and he throws out through the window.

Plavlet smells a flower, after all Sugar the Cat (voiced by Grey DeLisle) was pretty on his hat. Plavlet was holding on this library storybook by Sidney.

Plavlet and Sidney was hungry, So Randy the Raccoon (voiced by Billy Crystal) was on this baker. Plavlet was hungry from long sandwiches with Sugar as a waiter.

Julie Aigner-Clark was finally back and Plavlet, Da Vinci, Sidney, Randy and Sugar was living of school a happy ending.


  • Julie Aigner-Clark as Herself


  • Maurice LaMarche as Plavlet the Dog
  • Debi Derryberry as The Little Baby Boy
  • Tom Kenny as Caterpillar
  • Iain Armitage as Da Vinci the Monkey
  • Nancy Cartwright as Sidney the Squirrel
  • Michelle Davis and Cassie Blu as The French Mices
  • Billy Crystal as Randy the Raccoon
  • Grey DeLisle as Sugar the Cat

Characters to be added (Males in bold, Females in italic)


  • Bard the Dragon
  • Divin Papagino the Dolphin
  • Antoine the Giraffe
  • Squawks the Rooster
  • Derpy the Frog
  • Godzilla the Bulldog
  • Miley the Cow


  • Sunny the Bunny
  • Boss the Bluebird
  • Betsy McCow (less black)
  • Cud the Cow (more black)
  • Stripes the Tiger
  • Quackamus the Duck
  • Jane the Monkey
  • Tooter the Purple Bull


  • Vincent Van Goat (Host)
  • Gumbo the Duck
  • Bonkers the Turtle
  • Bach the Rabbit
  • Vivian van Goat
  • Morris the Moose
  • Misty the Mouse
  • Max the Lamb
  • Benny the Butterfly


  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • Rudy the Reindeer (black nosed)
  • Joyce the Tan Reindeer
  • Penelope the Penguin
  • Wavy the Walrus
  • Parker the Polar Bear


  • Knee Deep the Frog
  • Flip the Frog
  • Squirt the Pig
  • Bryce the Dog
  • Chilla the Mouse
  • Mother Mouse
  • Neighton the Horse


  • Roary the Lion
  • Soapy the Bear
  • Georgia the Giraffe (the tan one)
  • Spotter the Giraffe (the orange one, DOESN’T APPEAR)
  • Jane the Monkey
  • Wanda the Fish
  • Kenny the Fox


  • Issac the Lion
  • Gregory the Foal
  • Pavlov the Dog
  • Niko the Duck
  • Security The Glasses Duck
  • MacDonald the Cow


  • Beethoven the Giraffe


  • Neptune the Turtle
  • Opus the Octopus


  • Galileo the Kangaroo Joey
  • Galileo’s Mom


  • Lizzy the Tiger
  • Dotty the Lady Bug


  • Roger the Red Rooster
  • Wellington Van Cow Sr
  • Baby Lamb
  • Theo Van Goat
  • Julie the Sheep (Baby Lamb’s Mom)
  • Dora and Eddie the Chicks
  • Chloe the Mare (Animated)
  • Thrillin the Hen (Animated)


  • Da Vinci the Monkey
  • Mimi the Monkey
  • Otto the Owl
  • Hugo the Hippo
  • Noah the Elephant
  • Vivaldi the Mallard


  • Flossy the Flamingo
  • Mozart the Koala
  • Patch the Panda
  • Goldenrod the Lion
  • Guttural the Kangaroo


  • Monet the Zebra
  • Zen the Zebra
  • Steve the Spring Zebra
  • Charlie the Summer Zebra
  • Larry the Fall Zebra
  • Susan the Winter Zebra


  • Bella the Cat (Does not appear, FYI is the prototype cat)
  • Violet the Mouse
  • Elliot the Cat
  • Wordsworth the Parrot
  • Jasper the Dog


  • Randy the Raccoon
  • Sugar the Cat
  • Fregley the Piglet


  • Sydney Squirrel
  • Pavlet the Dog


  • Ryan the Rhino


  • Ollie the Otter
  • Baby Otter
  • Mama Otter
  • Honeydew The Duck (Niko’s Sister)
  • Ollie’s Dad


  • Baby Baaaach the Lamb (twin)


  • Killer the Bee
  • Roxy the Cardinal


  • Jimmy the Foal (Gregory’s younger brother)
  • Barabra The Lamb
  • Tiny The Lamb


  • Sudsy the Brown Dog
  • Fetcher the Red Dog
  • Bubbles the Elephant
  • Bobbin the Bunny
  • Ally the Alligator
  • Kathy the Koala
  • Sandy Seahorse
  • Steggy Stegosaurus
  • Jurassic Yourasaurus
  • Pterry Pterodactyl
  • Phoosy Flamingo
  • Cappy Caterpillar
  • Lulu Lamb
  • Lady Ladybug
  • Buzz Bumblebee
  • Spot Dalmatian
  • Dot Dalmatian
  • Slick Shark
  • Kanga Kangaroo
  • Leapin' Lizard
  • Bud Buzzard
  • Chillin Chicken (Roger’s wife)
  • Wally Walrus
  • Tippy Triceratops


  • Daniel the Blue Rooster
  • Inky the Bat
  • Wellington Van Cow Jr
  • Krazy Krok
  • Cooper the Duck
  • Duckie the Duck
  • Roly Roly the Bull
  • Emily The Lemur


  • Cal the Caterpillar
  • Tinker the Tiger
  • Dean the Dog
  • Earl the Elephant
  • Gigi the Giraffe
  • Ronnie the Rooster


The film is set to release on November 3, 2024. The film is set will be coming soon by DVD and Blu-ray release on April 13, 2025.


  • "Baby Einstein" (0:40)
  • "Time for Learn" (2:17)
  • "Plavlet is Introduced" (1:59)
  • "Plavlet Grows Up" (1:11)
  • "Sidney" (2:03)
  • "Meets Julie Aigner-Clark" (2:01)
  • "Paper Delivery" (1:01)
  • "The Mailbox" (0:20)
  • "The Picnic" (2:22)
  • "The Ants Marching" (1:12)
  • "Plavlet vs. Sidney" (3:11)
  • "Da Vinci" (2:10)
  • "To the Main Street" (3:40)
  • "I'm Hungry" (3:29)
  • "We're Safe" (2:11)
  • "A Happy Ending" (3:00)